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The Importance of Online Reviews, Are Your Online Reviews Attracting Customers Or Chasing Them Away?

Online reviews are one of the most common tools that customers use today to get information about your business. Try entering the search “Your Business-Name reviews” into Google and go through the results which will include Google and possibly Facebook, Yelp, and the Better business Bureau.

Looking at these results will tell you what your customers are finding out about you. There are several things that you should note:

  1. If you have one, what is your overall Google score?
  2. Do you have at least 10 good reviews?
  3. Do you have negative reviews?
  4. Have you responded to the negative reviews?
  5. Have there been complaints with the BBB?

These are potentially all problem areas. If your overall Google score is bad or if you do not have enough reviews to have a score then this is the first thing you need to address. Obviously the worst case in having a bad score and bad reviews. Since 85% of people reading a bad review will turn away from you, then you must do something about this first. Understand that Google will not remove bad reviews unless they violate terms of service which is a very rare occurrence. That being the case it becomes your job to find a way to get enough good reviews to push the bad ones off the front page and to raise your overall score into the good range. You could start asking your happy customers to leave a review for you and a few of them might do this. The problem is it is not easy to get signed up and get your account validated so that they can place a review. Some will already have an account and may leave you a review.

This is where the services of a good online review company can help you bring a steady stream of good reviews so that when someone finds you they will find the 6 to 10 good, fresh reviews that customers expect and which will build trust for you. Make no mistake online reviews are respected by 83% of searchers and this is only second to direct referrals from people they know. Even after getting such a referral they are very likely to go online and check you out there too. A bad review at the top would be very bad news for you because 85% of people who read a bad review will turn away from that business.

An online review company can also help you with improving your Better Business Bureau listings. The BBB wants you to be a good business citizen and will work with you to solve your problems there.

Working with an Online Review Company like Millennium Innovations can take your business to the next level by building trust with potential customers. Learn more about it at

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