Each computer on the Internet has a unique number, which is called an Internet protocol address. When we visit a website, we connect to the IP address of the website’s server and through this connection we receive information from the site server.

To connect with a Website, however, we need to know the IP address of the specific server. To be more precise, our computer needs to know the IP address of the specified server.

Here is the point at which the DNS comes like a machine God to solve the problem!

DNS is the initials of the Domain Name Server (i.e. Internet name server) and represents a collection of servers (i.e. computers) that work just like phone directories.

In other words, they contain a surprisingly huge state of Internet names, accompanied by the IP address of each name.

When, for example, we type “www.xyz.com” in our web browser, we first connect to the DNS of the provider through which we have access to the Internet (Internet Service Provider) and request to be informed of the IP address that corresponds to the Online name “xyz.com”.

If all goes well, the DNS server responds e.g., our browser communicates with the server of the XYZ site and thus the communication is made.

If we wanted to call an old friend, we would have to get the phone book (DNS) and find his name (xyz.com) to find out his number ( By calling his number, we connect to his home (server) and communicate with him.

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A phone book is updated annually, while the DNS server is usually updated every 24 to 72 hours. This is why the new names of the Internet are made available to Internet surfers usually after 72 hours.

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